November 18, 2010

Hello & Welcome

Welcome to our blog.  We are new to all of this so please don't make fun of us, at least until we have some more knowledge of blogging!  :)  We are very excited for the next step of our journey at Willow Creek!  We have just moved into our new space at Rustic Ranch & Relics in Broomfield, CO. We moved into the bathroom!  Yes the bathroom people!  However the only thing remaining is the sink, WHEW!  For any of you who are located in the Denver Metro Area.  Please come check it out.  It is an old farmhouse converted into retail spaces in the heart of a big city.  I do know one thing it makes us feel like we live in a small town once again!  I hope you all enjoy the ride with us!  
The Rustic Ranch

Directions to The Rustic Ranch

Burlap Coffee Pillows, Sofa Table, Sconcas

Spindle Trees, Lanterns

Banners, Wreaths, Lamps

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