February 24, 2011

Thrift Store Finds

Today has already started out crazy for me, it was a day that I just needed it to be Saturday.  It made me think of  "It maybe a crazy life but it's our life" from Jon & Kate.  Our house always seems to be chaotic in the morning.  Anyways with the little time I had I loaded some pictures before I headed to work so I could get them posted.  Well of course not everything loaded so I only have a few of the ones I wanted but better than nothing.

On Monday I needed a thrift fix!  I saw this poor little floor lamp that was screaming for help.  I was actually kind of embarrassed to put it in my cart.  Everyone kept looking at me, I am sure they were wondering where is this lady going to put this lamp.  However I knew she could be beautiful so I grabbed her and hopefully I will get it started and finished soon to show you some after pictures!
Before you ask;  the lamp shade and I parted ways. :)

I also picked up this angel/cherub.  It was gold and needed to be freshened up.  So I sprayed her white and distressed it a bit to let a little bit of gold sneak through. 

On Sunday grandma and I went to our two stores to add and clean up and then we also had to hit the thrift store, we picked up this wicker lamp.  It is kind of different but I thought I would spray it white.  I think it turned out good.  It's on its way to Geri's so hopefully someone thinks it is cool and buys it!  I really love the lamp shade though.  I have a lamp shade stripped down to the bones in my home, I feel like it really makes a statement. 



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