March 09, 2011

Decorating on a Small Budget

I know a lot of people feel they do not have the money to decorate right now with the economy and rising gas prices.  It is somewhat scary to spend a little on your home.  However, I feel your home is the space that shows off who you are and I think that when you enjoy how your home looks spending time at home isn't so bad.  I also know it can be done on a small budget.  

Here are some tips on making your room makeover a small budget reality!

1.  I think the first step in budget decorating is to look at what you already have, move furniture & accessories to a new room or simply rearrange your furniture in that room.  Think outside the box with furniture.  Just because it says Buffet/Hutch doesn't mean it has to go in your kitchen or dining room.  Place it in your bedroom and display pictures, pottery, etc.   

2.  Scour Craig's List/thrift stores/garage sales.  I will admit I use to be embarrassed as a younger teen/adult to go to these places.  Now some of my local thrift stores know who I am.   Don't be afraid to negotiate and look for thrift store sales.  When at these places look for things with good bones. and look past their  present form.  Think about what they would look like after a $4 can of spray paint! 

3.  Don't be afraid to paint your space.  If you are nervous to paint your walls your favorite color because it is red use that color in your accessories.  If you have a small room stick to lighter colors to make the room appear bigger if you want a more dramatic area go darker with your paint color.       

4.  Last tip don't just fill your space with things fill it with things you love!  Get rid of the things that you aren't crazy about.  A little spring cleaning is good for everyone!

Here are a few spaces that decorated on a small budget, your time not included! :)

Tomorrow I will share a couple of things I am working on for our space!


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