July 12, 2011

Craiglist Addiction

I know us junkers/pickers/bargainers are absolutely obsessed with Craigslist.  I think it is an addiction for me honestly, I may need help!  I do not need anything but I still scour the ads daily and if you saw me and grandmas storage shed you would say you probably have it in there!  However, ya know when you are in this to make a little bit of money you have to look for awesome pieces at amazing prices.  I want my pieces to be affordable and therefore it is a must to find deals.  I have been on the hunt for a dresser like this one and I have a client was looking for a drop leaf table.  Guess what I found today.............. 
Mr Wonderful is on his way to pick it up as we speak.  I love having a husband who helps me! 
What do you think of my two new finds? 

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