August 05, 2011

A Birthday treasure

Last Sunday was my birthday and I wanted to check out the flea market, I hadn't been in years.  So my grandma and I went because my hubby had to stay home because our hot water went out, oh yea and so did our A/C.  I believe it was 95 that day, happy birthday to me!  Anywho, we found some goodies.  This is one of them.  I am actually keeping this for me and it is going in our extra bedroom. It is a wonderful chalky blue color.  I am going to paint the drawers with a couple layers of paint and then sand it down to show some of the gorgeous wood.  We have the most awful furniture in that room can't wait to see it go!  :) 

Oh yea and look at our best treasure yet! We rescued her from our local shelter.  Her name is Lola.
Isn't she precious???  We just love her. 
Hope you have a fabulous weekend. 

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