August 03, 2011

Shabby Chic Green Buffet

So last week I was scouring my go to, Craigslist, and found this beauty.  I loved the color and the shape!  I know the picture is kind of blurry but I took it off of the ad, so i apologize.   

Mr Wonderful went and picked it up for me on his way to work cause that is the type of guy I married!  :)  He is amazing and should teach classes!  Anyways the only thing we had to do was fix a couple of dents and we took the mirrors off the doors and put in some chicken wire. Look at the drop down drawer!  Amazing piece I tell ya, I absolutely loved it!  It was one of the hardest pieces to sell. :( But the couple who took it really liked the piece so it went to a good home!

Happy Wednesday!  Stay tuned for my latest find tomorrow! 

Domestically Speaking


  1. It is an amazing piece and the chicken wire added the finishing touch!

  2. that is gorgeous- the chicken wire was the perfect solution to update this piece. i love those shelves on the sides!

  3. Love this! You did a great job. What a fantastic Craig's List find.