September 01, 2011

This lil Piggy Went to Market

The feed sacks we just bought are now being put to good use.  Aren't these pillows just oinkin cute!  :) I just love the pig one with her babies.  Surprise, surprise I am really wanting to keep it but geez I can't keep everything! Who knows it might just be stuck to my couch!  Hmm. They will soon be listed on our etsy page!

Do you guys have anything planned for the long weekend?  Well whatever it is, I hope it is great!

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1 comment:

  1. These pillows are just too cute. Who would have ever thought we would all like something that said "Pig and Hog" laying on our sofas and beds?

    I would be so pleased for you to link up to Potpourri Friday currently in progress and help to make it a success! Hope to see you there!