January 20, 2012

New XO Brass Stencils Turned Chic

I have been wanting some vintage letter stencils for a while now. However, they seemed impossible to find or there was always the letters I didn't want.  So the other day I found these and I grabbed every letter possible.  Since they weren't old :( I of course had to make them that way!  I painted them white and roughed them up to show the brass tones underneath and put a burlap ribbon on them.  I grabbed the XO to do last night.  They are a perfect decoration for weddings, valentines or a master bedroom.  They will be up for grabs in our shop this weekend!

We are excited to be adding new topics to our blog!  :) We will still be adding our furniture/decor but we want everyone to know who we really are and what else we love to do.  Hope you will stick around.
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  1. Those are so cute! I wouldn't have even thought of doing that to them. Great idea!

  2. Michaels craft store has these in their dollar aisle this week! They are a rusty look.... I bought all 26 and am posting about them this week!
    Love them!
    Susan (homeroad.net)

  3. These are darling! I'm lovin it!

  4. I so love these! They are perfect to keep up year round. You can never have enough kisses and hugs!