February 23, 2012

For the Love of Beautiful Books

We recently inherited a big stash of older books, all thanks to my mom!  She is one of our "pickers", and is she good at it.  She can haggle with the best of them and has great taste.  I guess you learn from the best!  Any who, have you all seen books on Pinterest lately like I have? Aren't these books just gorgeous.  I haven't been so lucky to find anything that looks as beautiful as these, YET!

I am not much of a reader, the book has to get me in the 1st paragraph or I have trouble staying interested.  Ahhh, maybe that is why I have so many projects at one time! :) But right now I am in LOVE with adding books to my home decor.  It adds height, character and can even creates some mystery to friends on what is  really behind that cover. Great conversation starter!   

I decided to give some of the books a little help to give them that chic look! So I added some different papers to them.  I think they turned out great.  Love the 3 varieties of paper to create some color breaks.

Funny thing I have never been a big fan of roses, but this one is my favorite!  I love the kraft paper look on the front and the rose paper just on the binding.  When my hubby and I started dating I told him we would break up if he sent me roses.  :)  I told him the other day that they are kind of growing on me and I like some of the colors.  He asked would this end in divorce if he got the wrong shade of pink?  I told him no way he is stuck with me FOREVER!

I think I may have a serious problem because I have to paint, distress, "den-geta" anything I touch. When my grandma and I find something that needs a little help we will say something like this will be gorgeous if we just "den-geta" it.  :) 

What are some of your fun words you use in this crazy craft world?

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