July 09, 2013

French Linen Chair

I am sure everyone who saw us pick this chair up at the thrift store, cringed with disgust.  Honestly,  we did to, but we knew it had potential. Look at how gross this chair is!  BLAH.  
Oh the fabric and the stains, would have sent a normal person running but not us.  Good thing we are far from normal. :)  Would you have picked this chair up?
I gave it a coat of french linen and then waxed in dark.  Grandma upholstered the chair in a French script canvas and also used a muslin on the sides and the ruffle.  She did an amazing job. Thank goodness for my wonderful business partner aka grandma, she is a wonderful seamstress and she use to do upholstery.  If it wasn't for her this chair wouldn't have turned out as amazing as it did!  It ended up going to a really good customer of ours and a really good friend of my grandmas. I am hoping to make it over to her house in a few weeks for some better photos!  


  1. How gorgeous!!! What a transformation - and yes I would have picked it up - I've picked up far worse to tell you the truth LOL
    Us bloggers are NOT normal people btw!

  2. I would have picked it up! You and Grandma did a fantastic job!

  3. I probably would have left it... mainly because I'm not crazy about upholstery. But I definitely would have seen the potential. Love the fabric you chose... it looks great!

  4. I would see the beauty in the chair too! You did a fabulous job!