July 18, 2013

Grain Sack Picnic Table

I am really embarrassed to say this ugly picnic table has been sitting in our backyard for a few years.  It didn't look quite this bad until this year.  Ok, it was brown and U-G-L-Y!  The only good thing about this baby, is I picked it up for free.  Last week I had enough of the ugliness.  I wanted us, ok me, to be happy with our patio furniture! Ah, look at that cute lil Beagle with a cone.  :)
The table and chairs were pealing and chipping and so I took the sander to it.  I had huge flakes all over our patio.  I washed the table down several times until it was nice and smooth and clean!   
I wanted to paint it something neutral and decided on french linen, just in case I wanted to change dishes, umbrella or whatever!  However, I wanted to give it a fun summer look.  Something easy to change that wouldn't require me redoing the whole thing next year.  :)  I knew adding the Provence and Old White stripe would give it the look I wanted. Final step was giving it a coat of Helsman Spar Urethane by Minwax to protect it from sunlight and water.

I must say it has been used more these last couple weeks then it has all summer! 

What projects are you working on, to make yourself happier?


  1. So pretty! I love it. Cool and calming, with a rustic feel!

  2. I love it! What a great transformation!

  3. Love this. My Picnic Table is solid but the paint not so much. I have been ignoring it until I saw this cute post. Now I have an idea what it needs! Visiting from MMS. -K

  4. I have never seen that done before...bravo!!! So fresh and cute..

  5. Great job and inspiration. Enjoy!

  6. It reminds me of being at the beach. I love how it turned out. :)