February 06, 2012

Gray Buffet

Tonight I started going thru pictures and found this one that I never posted.  I am sure there are many that I haven't :) When we got it off CL it was in rough shape.  The right side door wouldn't open and the bottom drawer was stuck.  When the Mr. got the door open there was Tax paperwork in it.  I called the woman we bought it from and she asked us to just shred it!  Wow, right?

It was stained in a light oak color when we got it and needed the WC touch.  Of course I forgot to take a before but I will be better about that in 2012.  I mixed up some white and dark gray and got a beautiful light/medium gray.  It definitely got a lot of love at Sweet William and went home to be used in an extra bedroom! It was definitely a beauty. I considered keeping it but I can't keep everything.  I don't have a big enough house!  However, in this business we work so hard to create beautiful pieces that we love and we should want to keep them all.  :)

Do you have a hard time letting go of pieces you refinish?

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  1. gorgeous! i love the details on that piece, and that color is so me!