May 31, 2012

Little Miss Detail

A couple weeks ago, grandma and I were cruising thru the thrift store and saw this!  She was screaming "HELP ME, HELP!!  She had been there at least a week and nobody wanted her, but we did!    
Funny little story about my business partner aka grandma.  When we find dressers at the thrift she takes a drawer and runs around trying to find someone to write us a ticket. People look at us like we are professional thrifters.  We just know that once you look at a piece, everyone becomes interested.  Am I right?  

Anyways back to Lil Miss Detail.  We knew she would be beautiful refinished.  We have started adding some colors to our pieces but we really wanted to keep this one classy and timeless, so we went with our go to.   Drum roll please.......................................  WHITE!  I am so mad at myself for only getting a picture of this at the show, but at least it is something!  

Look at the details on her and that hardware!  She makes me want to sing "Isn't she lovely"  She was snatched up at the market and is being picked up by a customer and heading North to her new home.

I am FINALLY refinishing our dresser this weekend.  
Are you doing anything fun?   


  1. Wow!! It's gorgeous! Found you via Funky Junk Interiors :)

    -Bonnie @ Revolutionaries

  2. I would have picked that one up myself! Gorgeous job!

  3. A really beautiful piece and I am so warmed by the knowledge that Grandma is working with you on your quest for pieces to HELP!

  4. The color of choice was the best one, from dark to white, it looks fantastic, congratulations.

  5. beautiful piece- love the shape and those details!

  6. Beautiful!!! I am featuring this on my blog tonight! Thanks for linking up to Classy Clutter

  7. That is a wonderful redo! Congrats on getting featured at Classy Clutter!