June 03, 2012

Meet Patina

We love anything with patina on it, so refinishing a dresser with that look was fitting!  We took a piece of pipe for a color match that had a gorgeous aqua patina color to it.  Needless to say the paint department looked at my grandma and I like we were crazy! But we got our color match. :)

This dresser was in sad sad shape.  Part of the leg was broken but we managed to get it repaired and you couldn't even tell where it was fixed. Sorry I have no before pictures of this beauty, oh grandma went crazy on a few pieces and started sanding and painting pieces them before I could snap some shots. I learned my lesson to get pictures when we get them!   
We almost priced this dresser 3 times higher just so it wouldn't sell but we didn't.  :)  It sold within the first hour of the market.  We love when pieces go quickly, we could have sold this one 10 times.  It was nice to see Patina go home with Lil Miss Detail.  We can't wait to do something like this again.  This is by far our favorite dresser we have refinished!  

Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend!  

I am working hard on our bedroom this weekend and have before and afters!  


  1. Love, love the color. It is such a happy one!

  2. I LOVE the colour of this piece, and the distressing. It's beautiful. Nice work :-)

  3. STUNNING! that color makes my knees shake! :)

  4. Hi, Beautiful job, beautiful color...Connie

  5. Beautiful! And you paint with your Grandma? That's so fun!

  6. Lovely color! And those are my favorite knobs ever! I have a ton at home that I love to use.

  7. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful...I just love the color and the way you girls distressed that dresser...a joy to see. I saw your post over at "Redoux Interiors".

  8. Love the color and the knobs, soooo dreamy, Kathy, Petticoat Junktion

  9. Love this dresser, beautiful job. I'm your new
    follow, I invite you to follow my blog also.
    What color did you use, I want to get it the
    blue is beautiful.


  10. This piece is one of my favorites out there by far!
    Which color is it ( I need to copy!!! )
    Your newest follower - would love to have you follow back

  11. ABSOLUTELY LOVEEEEE this dresser!!! Made my heart pitter-patter!!! Could you pretty please share your paint color code??? I want to paint the legs of a pine coffee table this very color..... I'm horrible w/ picking out paint colors and this one just struck my fancy.
    Kindest Regards,