October 05, 2012

Welcoming Fall

I have been out. We traveled quite a bit this summer and frankly I really just needed a break from technology. I was feeling uncreative and just blah. However, I am back and feeling good about life. Other than I have a lingering cold.

We have finally had our first cold days of the fall season and it put me in the mood to decorate! It really felt more like winter since we woke up to a dusting of snow this morning. Gotta love Colorado!

We recently finished this little beauty. The desk was refinished in antique white! We took it to our last show but it didn't sell so it found a home with us!
Look at the curves and the distressing!  LOVE IT!!!!
The lantern I found at a flea market it was broke but I knew I could use it somewhere and guess what? I did! I picked up the old galvanized roaster pan at a yard sale for a buck! The Cinderella pumpkin, baby pumpkins and gourds sets the fall mood on our new table.
I welcome fall and am thankful for the new season giving me some renewed energy. I have a lot of projects that we just finished for our house and I will be showing them all through the week.

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