May 30, 2013

Industrial Cart

So, a few weeks ago I was on my morning walk when I walked past an ugly hunk of metal! However, being a hoarder I knew we could do something with it.  I went home and forgot about it and then about an hour later remembered it was sitting outside and oh no someone else could get it. So grandma and I quickly went to pick it up. Being the crazy hoarders that we are, we just threw it in the garage. This is what it looked like when we picked it minus the primer.  It isn't the greatest picture but ya get the idea.
We kept throwing ideas around on what to do with it. We thought how awesome would it be to be in a craft room, or on the patio for a beverage/food cart or in a kitchen for an island! So then we searched thru our stack of wood and found some 2x8 that fit perfectly! I gave it a coat of primer and then painted in ASCP Florence.  I stained the boards in Minwax Jacobean and I loved the way it looked against our paint choice.
We added the casters to give it some height and I am really glad we did!  I just love this cart.  I could so see it on my patio or my office. So I guess if it doesn't sell at our next couple shows it will be welcomed back into our home!  :) I had different plans for displays for pictures but the wind was blowing 100 mph (ok maybe not that bad but I couldn't take it to my back patio because it is way to open, everything would have blown over).  
So what do you think?  How would you use this piece?


  1. I love this! Love the color with the wood top, so cute!

  2. Replies
    1. I am glad you also think I made a great choice picking this up before it hit the dump!

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    1. Florence is an awesome color to give that POP!