August 23, 2013

Recent Market Booth Furniture

All summer long we have had at least two markets a month. However, I rarely share pictures of our booth displays if I even get pictures of the displays or of the pieces I don't have time (or make time) to take pictures of. :/ Maybe one of these days I will get organized and have pictures of pieces before we take them to shows. I always get so sad when they sell and we don't have any pictures of them.

So here are a few pictures of our last booth at Paris St. Market in Littleton, CO.  If any of our readers live in the Denver Metro area and haven't been to Paris St., you are missing out.  It is such an amazing market.  This table sold quick.  We always sell our tables with chairs, it is easier for the customer!  It was a really fun table with a couple duck egg chairs and bench.
This shelf has been sitting in our garage for a good year.  We finally painted and stenciled a piece of board for the back and sold it!  :) What is a piece you have had forever?
Corner shelf was snatched up very quickly.  I wish I had corners in my bathroom, so I could have a cute little shelf like this! 
Small washstand cabinet went to a new home and the shelf we had in our garage forever went to the ladies daughter!  
What are you up to this weekend?

Us, we have a show so we will be doing what we love to do, PAINTING!!!


  1. You had some nice stuff in your booth, Ericka! It's fun seeing what people sell in their booths. Hope you have another successful show!

  2. I love painting too! What a wonderful collection of pieces!