October 09, 2013

Beautiful Dark Top Farm Table

Last week, we needed a large table for our last outdoor show of the year! We headed to our jam packed storage unit to see if we had one.  This baby was stuck all the way in the back.  We forgot all about it and it has sat in our storage for over two years.  Yes, we are embarrassed to say that but it is true. Sorry about the picture, Grandma snapped a quick picture on her iPad before she started sanding.  The table was a honey color stain and the chairs were AWFUL.  Look closely, you will see the awesome vinyl pad, that someone literally screwed down into the chair. Poor grandma had to use dowels to fill the holes.  
For this project we made our own chalk paint!  We used flat Behr paint in antique white, plaster of paris and water.  It adhered really well and the coverage was wonderful, we were very impressed!  While I love Annie Sloan, I hate the cost.  Grandma on the other hand had a bad experience with it and isn't a big fan but she loved the paint we made.   The top of it was sanded and stained in Minwax Jacobean.  We had 6 of the same chairs for the table but decided to add a couple more since it could seat 8.  Everyone was a huge fan of this table, it could of sold 10 times.  Now we have a couple custom orders for tables, so that is awesome!
Farm tables are all the craze right now.  Maybe having something long rather than wide is best for homes these days?   This one was 75" long with the two leaves, it was a great size.  Look at those beautiful legs!
Do you find a lot of tables like these?  
They are getting harder to find but we love the hunt! 


  1. Beautiful! I just redid a table yesterday. Not a lovely long farm table like your, but I finished similar to yours. Funny that we both posted about them today :)

  2. I just picked up a table like this today at a garage sale and was thinking of this exact look for it!