November 07, 2013

Media Stand

I got this at the beginning of the summer and it really wasn't pretty but I saw what it could be.  Last month, I had a repeat customer ask me to find her something to replace their current media stand. I sent her a picture of the piece but she wasn't completely sold on it because it sat so low to the ground and had some details she wasn't crazy about.  I told her that we could add a little bit of height with new legs and get rid of details she didn't like. No clue why the cut the legs off. I guess they cut it off so we could add them back! :) They thought about it for a while and she was ready to customize it.
I added about 3" with new legs and got rid of the X on the doors.  We gave it a couple coats of ASCP in chateau grey. Then added some new hardware. 
This piece was a lot of work but when you get an email telling you how happy they are with their purchase all the pain goes away! :) 

What do you think?  


  1. That piece came out GORGEOUS! Great job!

  2. You are amazing! What a transformation! I am a new follower...would love if you could follow back

  3. Great job! You really transformed it with making those changes to the legs and door.
    I also got an antique dresser once where the legs were cut off, the apron was shaved so it could sit on the ground and then there where was molding nailed to the top in the shape of a rectangle. I could not for the life of me figure out what it was, when my husband said they must have used it for a fish tank!