December 12, 2013

Chateau Grey Hinged Top Desk

We stumbled across a very cute desk and chased down the man to tell him we wanted it.  We honestly couldn't believe no one had snatched this baby up.  Yea, it was ugly but it had a good shape, the inside was really cute looked like it was decoupaged with an old vintage advertising paper and it had so much possibility!

We decided on painting it in Annie Sloan Chateau Grey.  I am really loving this color right now,  it is such a good versatile and neutral color!  It had a really weird finish on it but I sanded it a little bit to take the shiny finish off and then gave it a couple coats of paint.
 I took it to a couple shows but furniture doesn't seem to sell in the winter like it does in the summer and so it is now in our house and I am not complaining at all!  :)  I love that I was able to use it in our living room this holiday season!  Who knows it may be here to stay!
I had to show off my enamel tub that I got last weekend at a show!  I absolutely love the color green and anything enamel!  It makes me so happy!  This holiday season, I am also loving me some plaid!  Is there anything you are loving this holiday season?  
What have you worked on lately?  

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