April 13, 2014

Heirloom Vanity in Paris Grey & Old White

We were contacted by a customer's friend about refinishing an antique vanity, that was passed down to her. We tossed a few ideas back and forth about how to refinish.  At first she was thinking about re-staining it.  She then sent me this picture from Elizabeth & Co and this was our inspiration for her vanity!
Here is a picture of the before, you can tell it was a very loved piece!  We sanded it down completely, which if you have ever sanded down mahogany you know that it is so hard to remove that reddish tint. The top drawer was missing a handle and we searched high and low to find something similar and had no luck. We ended up filling the holes and drilling a new holes on the top two drawers! We also did some filling where the veneer was chipping, after all this we were ready to paint. 
We gave it a coat of ASCP in Paris Grey on the outside and a few coats of Old Ochre on the drawers and top and then a few coats of Old White over that.  The reason I gave it a coat of Old Ochre before the Old White was to help cover the pink color bleeding through.  It seemed to really help.  

She asked for a pop of color in the fabric and we we found this great print at Hobby Lobby.  
  I love the detail on the middle drawer!
This piece really had great character that we were able to bring out in the distressing!
I love that we got to refinish a piece that belonged to her grandmother and make it beautiful for her! It makes me sad when people get rid of pieces that belong in their family because they can't envision what it could be.   It is absolutely amazing what a good sanding and a can of paint can really do! 

I hope you all are enjoying your weekend.  Colorado is getting rain/snow, so we are stuck inside today!

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