June 04, 2014

Cutting a Watermelon

We absolutely love watermelon at our house!!! This past week, we have went through 4 of them and this is no joke! I use to just slice them in half and dig out what I could and throw it in a bowl.  We would eat a little bit of it and then it would get pushed to the back of the refrigerator and we would forget about it.  Our little boy is always asking for a snack and he loves watermelon so I needed to make it easy for him to grab on his own!

I have had great luck this year with picking them out.  Look for a darker green skin and tap it to make sure it sounds hallow.  You can always ask your grocery store produce clerk to find you a good one too!

First thing, give the watermelon a good wash and scrubbing.  This is a crucial step as you are making several cuts and there are many germs and contaminants that can be on the skin.  I always use a fruit/vegetable wash and wash off with hot hot water!
Cut your four sides off so your watermelon has four flat sides, like this.
Next cut strips.
 It should look like this when looking at if from the top!
Now turn your watermelon and cut it the other way to make spears like the picture below! 
It is now an easy bite size piece!
Bag it up and put it in the fridge!  It is now a great EASY snack for your family!
I know cutting it this was has made it a lot easier for our family! 

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