April 20, 2012

Lead Glass Window

Years ago my in-laws bought an old Victorian home and have started replacing a few things here and there.  They have tried to keep much of the originality but have replaced a few things due to being more energy cautious.  Their house is absolutely beautiful and enormous!  I sweat the bedroom where we stay when we visit is the size of my master bedroom + my little boys room.  Anyways, back to the post.  They recently replaced their upstairs windows and asked if I wanted them.  If I hadn't said yes they would have gone straight to the dump!  :(  But why wouldn't I have said yes? I would never!
My mother-in-law is so hard to shop for.  So we decided to gift back a window but we added a few glass knobs to it!  We wanted to give her something original for her to use in her home and she loved it.  We did give her other things besides her window she gave us!  :)  We ended up keeping one four ourselves and added a few mustard glass knobs and made it into a coat hanger.  We left all the windows in the original condition, I like the weather on them.  
I love to decorate with old windows.  Everyday on my way upstairs, I think to myself I wonder who use to peak out or in to this window!  


  1. I'd love a gift like that! Newest follower, come visit me sometime-

  2. Love it. Such a sweet idea to gift back the window in a more usable format.