April 16, 2012

White Cabinet, TAKE 2

This cabinet was stained in a honey oak.  I am a huge fan of honey just not honey oak!  My husband sanded it down and then I painted it white.  It went to one show with me and has been in the shop for about a month.  Since it wasn't selling just painted white, I figured I needed to make it a little bit more unique.  

I remembered that I had bought scrapbook paper with antique catalog advertisements.  I actually had to use two pieces of 12x12 paper.  I placed the two pieces on the door and creased it along the sides and just ran my scissors across it and it gave me a pretty clean line. I then used a thin coat of modge podge on the door and then did another coat on top of the paper. I also gave it a clear coat by spray paint for a just in case!
I like how it turned out.  I think it definitely adds some character to it.  
What do you think?  


  1. So CUTE!!! I love it...and all of your projects, actually! It is my first time by and I am very happy to be here:)
    Kim @ Too Much Time